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Rooya for elevators and escalators

  • Rooya Elevators Company was established in 1999. It is one of the specialized companies in the field of importing, supplying, installing and maintaining all types of elevators and escalators. Since its inception, Rooya has gained the trust of many investment and real estate development companies and specialized engineering consulting offices, in addition to more than 1,000 clients. Rooya has a group of trained engineers and technicians, which enables it to supply, install and maintain all types of imported and local elevators.

  • Also, all the tasks provided by the company are of a high degree of quality - we have a constant presence of goods, as our company provides machines with high capacities.
    Safety devices with international technical specifications - All protection, safety and security requirements according to Egyptian and international standards - The highest technical level of performance to suit luxury and refined taste.

رؤيا للمصاعد



Sicor machines


Alberto Sassi

Italian Montanari machine


Italian Fire machine

  • Appropriate and fixed price - Our company uses all available modern communication systems to speed up customer contact with us 24 hours a day so that the response time is done with excellent efficiency, because we truly provide after-sales service to customers through our reliance on a selection of the most qualified engineers and technicians.

  • The company also has all the Italian and Turkish accessories and cables for elevators, according to the desire of our customers.

  • And the most powerful types of motion guides, elevator operating devices (control), and the best emergency UPS devices

  • We provide all spare parts for all elevators because of our experience of more than 20 years in the field of elevators.

  • Cabins of all kinds (cabin accessories - food elevator cabins, cargo elevators, home elevators, hospital elevators, hydraulic elevators, panoramic elevators, and passenger elevators)

رؤيا للمصاعد
رؤيا للمصاعد
  • Elevator doors

  • Machines (all brands of machines for elevators)

  • Elevator controls

  • Elevator buttons

  • Escalators

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